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The aim of education is always twofold : there is a collective aspect and there is an individual aspect.

From  the collective point of view, education is expected to turn the individual into a good citizen, on the other hand it may be expected that education will give to the individual a strong and healthy body, help him in building up his character and attaining self-mastery , and supply him with good opportunities of discovering and developing harmoniously his natural abilities.

In education we have to consider the child, the teacher and the link and relation between them, which in its generality we shall call teaching.

The Teacher : The teacher is not one who knows and “gives knowledge” to the children. He is the guide, the helper, and above all the wise friend to whom the children come gladly and confidently in case of difficulty. His rule is to present and to suggest , never to command or impose. In short, the teacher should surmount himself always and constantly if he wants to be equal to his task and truly fulfill his duty.







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