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The aim of education is always twofold : there is a collective aspect and there is an individual aspect.

From  the collective point of view, education is expected to turn the individual into a good citizen, on the other hand it may be expected that education will give to the individual a strong and healthy body, help him in building up his character and attaining self-mastery , and supply him with good opportunities of discovering and developing harmoniously his natural abilities.

In education we have to consider the child, the teacher and the link and relation between them, which in its generality we shall call teaching.

The Teacher : The teacher is not one who knows and “gives knowledge” to the children. He is the guide, the helper, and above all the wise friend to whom the children come gladly and confidently in case of difficulty. His rule is to present and to suggest , never to command or impose. In short, the teacher should surmount himself always and constantly if he wants to be equal to his task and truly fulfill his duty.
A good teacher’s Training College should provide ample opportunities for the fullest development of the personalities of the pupil teachers. The college, the faculty , the library, also the formal and informal activities should be enriched , so as to bring up the best in the pupil teachers. The curricular and co-curricular activities should be so superb and well planned that they provide ample opportunities to the pupil teachers for improving their methods of teaching and their attitude towards the children and their problems. Those who are going to get ‘Bachelor of Education’ degrees must feel that they are teachers of the pupils, of the society and not only of their one or two subjects. The pupil teachers must come out as good teachers. They must develop an ideal in their lives, so as to serve the society and the nation. The Trust and the Management Committee running this college are very sincerely committed to those ideals and views.

Sant Roshan Lal College of Education (Women) is tentatively trying to translate this ideal into practice, but does not in any way claim to have realized it fully. The ideal we have accepted, it is towards it that we move with our faith and devotion. We hope the pupil teachers will enroll themselves so as to be professionally good teachers, will having high ideals to serve the student community and the nation.

(Sant Roshan Lal College of Education – Women)